Femme Fatale Productions is a dynamic duo tour de force of talent and creative vision.

Dion  —  Photographer

Photographer and stylist, Dion knows how to add sexy and edgy to any shoot. Whether it’s in studio or on location, her sessions are customized to each client's needs. She has committed over 2 decades to the beauty industry, starting in retail and then moved to hairstyling. She is now pursuing her career for photography and feels that each profession benefits the next, generating a unique look for each photo she creates.

Dion graduated from Langara College in 2013, ready to move ahead on her career. Her photography has been in local shows and on the cover of magazines. Her perspective on photography is listening to her client’s needs and having fun during the session. Feeling shy is normal, but feeling empowered by the end is priceless.

Nicole  —  Stylist

Nicole started in the beauty industry when she was 19 and hasn’t looked back. Her unique and sexy style comes through in everything she does. She’s constantly learning and updating her trade by traveling throughout the states and across North America for work and education. Staying up on current trends is her top priority.

Her talents for transforming everyday hair into sexy “Victoria Secret” hair has come from years of training in mastering hair and extensions. From fitness competition to music videos, Nicole is always busy with new projects. It’s her ability to give any woman the full makeover that’s puts her apart from the rest.

Nicole is looking forward to the future of Femme Fatale and can’t wait to start planning for yours.